Custom Home Design Awards: Custom Home of the Year


"Our jury lauded the 'great design,' 'strong interiors,' and the owners’ vision of a sophisticated family home in the heart of the city. 'It’s urban and uses an existing structure,' said one judge. 'Someone is living here and connected to the community. It sends a powerful message.'"

Fall 2013 | pgs 12-15 | See more on this issue

Sheridan Road: Once & Again


"Reviewing her approach in the living room—a study in cream, gray, and navy—Wohlner muses, 'My years of experience have taught me what’s going to work and what a room needs to make it interesting. I like using neutral upholstery and adding dark contrasts and just the right scale in contrasting fabric patterns.'"

October 2013 | See more on this article

Luxe Interiors & Design: Altered State


"I came in with color, texture and layering...You see every room from all of the other spaces, so everything needed to connect....I'm pretty well known for my traditional work...but I knew I could do this....I realized I can really do any look, and may have turned a corner toward modern."

Chicago Winter 2013 | pgs 172-183

Make It Better: Designer Style: Holiday Decorating Ideas


"We love to entertain during the holidays, and I always approach my table the same way I do a room—with lots of layers. Everything from flowers, the contrast of light and dark, various textures, old and new pieces. It’s all about the mix and the collection. I also create warmth through color. Green and brown bring the outside in, and I always love a touch of animal print."

December 2012 | See more on this article

Make It Better: Tricks of the Trade: Creating a Polished Room


"Stephanie Wohlner has more than a few secrets to creating calm and sophisticated interiors that are infinitely inviting:
• Any single room should visually flow from those around it. Consistency in theme and style is essential when it comes to creating calming, beautiful interiors.
• Beige doesn’t have to be boring. Textiles that range from beige to tan to soft gray and brown still lay a neutral palette but excite the eye."

November 2012 | See more on this article

Sheridan Road: A Room of Their Own


"With contemporary accents, such as table lamps and a sleek, lacquered desk that reads like a dressing table, the room possesses a level of sophistication...'I try to design a child's room to last 10 years,' notes Wohlner. 'It's an investment and you'll want your child to grow into it.'"

August/September 2012 | pgs 120-124

Sheridan Road: Rooms With A View


"...Wohlner's whole approach to the project is characterized by a straightforward restraint, a pleasing reasonableness informed by artful touches that invest the home with a clearly elevated design sense. 'A house like this, with a center hall, living room to the left, dining room to the right, makes me feel very comfortable,' says Wohlner."

May 2012 | See more on this article

Make It Better: Private Quarters


"Every surface in the massive home needed to be restored, painted or papered and the house's formal layout and French architecture had to be balanced with the needs of the homeowners and their three children...A house speaks to me and this house definitely knew who it was. The house had a lot of polished brass and gilded mirrors, so I went into that mode."

February 2012 | See more on this article

Luxury Home Quarterly


"The family room is resplendent in sheer neutral tones, a wide plank oak floor and a sisal rug. Finishes were chosen to balance with the stone found in the interior architectural details. A long curvy walnut table echoes the floors & increases visual interest. Wohlner strongly advocates for choosing eye-catching touches that stand out when one enters a room."

Winter 2011 | See more on this article

Designer Portfolios at the Merchandise Mart


"Stephanie Wohlner Design is featured in the Design Center at The Merchandise Mart Chicago Designer Portfolios."

Ongoing | See more on this article

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