Make It Better: Tricks Of The Trade: The Rug


"Designer Stephanie Wohlner rarely starts with the rug. She defines the other elements in the room (furniture, fabrics, art) and then picks the rug. 'There are many options available to my clients today, so rather than let one rug style or pattern drive the decisions, we wait to find the perfect compliment to the entire scheme.'"

November 2011 | See more on this article

Color Outside the Lines: TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Stephanie Wohlner


"Definitely one to watch, Stephanie's style is a mix of traditional and contemporary, mixing textures and periods; bringing them together with her unique taste, ultimately creating timeless rooms with an effortless look."

September 2011 | See more on this article

Sheridan Road: This New Old House


"The house is rich in details that invest it with an engaging individuality and true sense of home. Like all expert designers, she (Stephanie Wohlner) has managed to manipulate scale and proportion, color and texture, material and light in such a way that passing through these rooms, one knows they are just right, without quite knowing why."

August 2011 | See more on this article

Luxe Interiors & Design


"We wanted it to have layers you can just sink into, and that's exactly what Stephanie created," says the owner. "This house really is somewhere you'd want to spend your time."

Chicago January 2011

Make It Better: The Rules According to Wohlner


"Especially in a newly built home where you don't have the uneven crackled beauty, it's important to layer," says Wohlner, a self proclaimed flea market junkie who recommends incorporating lots of accessories: tables, trays, books, flowers, pillows, throws and other favorite things. "Layering these things into a bookcase gives the room warmth, texture, and soul."

September 2010 | See more on this article

All The Best: A Passport to Stylish Living Blog by Ronda Carman


Profile: Stephanie Wohlner
"Without a doubt, she (Stephanie Wohlner) is as charming and interesting as the interiors she creates. I am most fond of the way that she mixes periods and textures to create looks that are modern, yet warm, inviting and sophisticated."

June 2010 | See more on this article

CS Interiors: Layered Luxury


"The Wohlner-designed living room feels glamorous and practical. The trick to giving a new room old character, she says, is layering fabric, texture and pieces from different eras until even the newest space has Old World charm and luxury."

Spring 2010 | See more on this article

BizBash: More Tabletop Trends from DIFFA


"At this year's Dining by Design benefit at the Merchandise Mart, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) presented 42 professionally decorated dining environments. Leafy trellises surrounded the table from Stepahnie Wohlner Design, which was positioned atop flooring with images of stones and grass."

November 2009 | See more on this article

Transforming the Traditional: The Work of Cohen & Hacker Architects


"…the gifted interior designer… Stephanie Wohlner…furnished our houses, often helped with material selections, and worked to make them look elegant and comfortable."

September 2009 | See more on this publication



"Set to a soothing palette of blues, greens and grays, an eclectic medley of furnishings strikes a blissful chord in an elegant Chicago apartment. To echo the shape of the original coved ceiling, Stephanie Wohlner anchored the dining room with a circular table. High backed chairs upholstered in textured silk velvet mimic the shimmer of nearby Lake Michigan and allow guests to enjoy views in sublime comfort."

Fall/Winter 2009 | pgs 50-55

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