Luxe Interiors & Design: Making Space

swohlner luxe jan2017

"Great architecture stems from an intimate knowledge of not just what clients want but also the site itself. Understanding the surrounding environment serves as a basis to creating a home that showcases views, receives maximum sunlight and has a natural flow throughout."

January/February 2017 | pg 249

Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago: Showroom Spotlight - Clear Vision

swohlner modern luxury interiors chicago apr2016

"Realizing it can be difficult for consumers to imagine their product in situ, Pella's showroom is a collection of inspirational spaces designed by well-known Chicago designers and architects...Stephanie Wohlner's rooms are equally impressive."

April 2016 | pg 48 | See more on this article

The Editor at Large: A Look Inside the New Pella Crafted Luxury Showroom

swohlner editor at large pella showroom 2016

"A visit to Pella Luxury Crafted proves revealing, the aesthetic equivalent of a Rorschach test with results that coax you gently to latent decorative desires: handmade Gothic-inspired oak entry doors like the stately ones in Stephanie Wohlner’s chic vignette."

January 22, 2016 | See more on this article

Luxe Interiors & Design: Water's Edge


"Livening up the design are pops of color in the form of ceramic vases, pillows and a pair of matching upholstered chairs. Because Wohlner had worked with the owners in the past, she understood that creating the kind of look her clients hoped to achieve would mean incorporating a few traditional fabrics and accessories alongside more contemporary pieces. 'The design has a classic sensibility yet still feels very modern,' Wohlner says."

Chicago Fall 2015 | pgs 298-311

Elegant Homes: Timeless Composition


"A classic gray-on-gray palette fosters a soothing tone. Wohlner played with sheens, applying a flat finish on the walls and a gloss finish on the trim, to highlight the architecture...Repeated decorative motifs also subtly connect spaces...'In a home of this size, subtly repeating elements ties everything together.'"

Fall/Winter 2015 | pgs 14-23 | See more on this issue

Stephanie Wohlner Design Home of the Week in Wall Street Journal


"In Chicago’s Lincoln Park, a 19th-century dairy building has been turned into an urban retreat."

The Wall Street Journal | April 29, 2015

Luxe Interiors & Design: Second Nature Living Room


"Although the house is modern, it was important for this space to feel welcoming. We loved the green and gray palette. The gray originated in the bones of the house, found in the floors and metal roof. The natural look of the wood, along with the gray and green hues, is really reminiscent of a summer day."

Chicago Spring 2015 | pg 206

The North Shore Weekend: The Final Room


"But one room never felt right—and for Stephanie Wohlner, that was the starting point for the family's project. 'It was empty, vapid,' recalls Wohlner, 'so they rarely used it. My goal was to make the space really livable.'"

"Reviwing her approach in the living room—a study in cream, gray, and navy—Wohlner muses, 'My years of experience have taught me what's going to work and what a room needs to make it interesting.'"

October 18-19, 2014 | pg 34

Modern Luxury NS: Fifty Shades of Gray


"Striking the right balance between layered and busy was key to creating the interior that Wohlner envisioned for the home...'People think design has to be casual to be comfortable but that’s not always the case,' Wohlner explains. Indeed, this home is a study in contrasts—spacious yet cozy, elegant yet comfortable. According to Wohlner, every detail in the home works together to create a continuous feeling throughout."

July 2014 | pgs 88-93 | See more on this issue

Luxe Interiors & Design: 2014 Gold List


"A compilation of design professionals from across the country whose projects have been featured in our pages over the past 18 months. While their work continues to excite, enthuse, and inform us, it's also their wit, wisdom and insights that have us taking note."

"In every room there must be a mix of high and low pieces."

Gold List 2014 | pgs 181-184

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