BizBash: More Tabletop Trends from DIFFA


"At this year's Dining by Design benefit at the Merchandise Mart, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) presented 42 professionally decorated dining environments. Leafy trellises surrounded the table from Stepahnie Wohlner Design, which was positioned atop flooring with images of stones and grass."

November 2009 | See more on this article

Transforming the Traditional: The Work of Cohen & Hacker Architects


"…the gifted interior designer… Stephanie Wohlner…furnished our houses, often helped with material selections, and worked to make them look elegant and comfortable."

September 2009 | See more on this publication



"Set to a soothing palette of blues, greens and grays, an eclectic medley of furnishings strikes a blissful chord in an elegant Chicago apartment. To echo the shape of the original coved ceiling, Stephanie Wohlner anchored the dining room with a circular table. High backed chairs upholstered in textured silk velvet mimic the shimmer of nearby Lake Michigan and allow guests to enjoy views in sublime comfort."

Fall/Winter 2009 | pgs 50-55

Better Homes & Gardens: Beautiful Baths


"Fixtures and accessories add softness where marble might have overwhelmed. A dazzling beaded-leaf chandelier glimmers in the daylight and adds striking illumination at night. In fact, all of the accessories function like jewelry, complementing and enhancing the room's formal architecture and the tub's sculptural form."

Summer 2009 | pgs 48-51 | See more on this issue

Better Homes & Gardens: Beautiful Kitchens


"The best additions are sensitive to a home's original architecture, but that doesn't mean they can't dial the style up a notch or two. In this 1920's home, the owner wanted her kitchen addition to celebrate the home's country French leanings in an even grander way.muted colors and textures, while antiques provide shape and movement."

Summer 2009 | pgs 83-89



"A natural bent for symmetry imbues Wohlner's design with a sense of reassuring comfort and well-being. "Lamps are like adding a touch of jewelry to your clothes," Wohlner says. "Their various shapes and heights give a room character, and the symmetry of pairs makes you feel comfortable. It's like you've found your other half and you feel whole."

Fall/Winter 2007 | pgs 52-57

Dream Lofts & Condos


"He leaned toward clean-lined contemporary; she favored floral fabrics and a traditional look. Their 1913 vintage building was waiting to be filled. Enter interior designer Stephanie Wohlner who was charged with making the successful merger happen."

2006 | pgs 14-19 | See more on this issue

Traditional Home


"Silk velvet tufted sofas and down-filled toile chairs bespeak luxury and comfort. But a sisal rug's texture and more casual style tempers the tony room. …the style of the house—traditional with a twist."

Holiday 2005 | pgs 114-124 | See more on this issue



"Intimacy, comfort and a sense of ease…the antithesis of a cookie-cutter interior; each space sparkles with interesting objects, which lend the decor an acquired-over-time look rather than a just-decorated one."

Fall/Winter 2005 | pgs 48-57

Traditional Home


"If it's a Traditional Home anniversary issue, count on Chicago interior designer Stephanie Wohlner to be included. Not only does her work appear in this 100th issue, but her own home was featured in September 1999—our tenth anniversary issue. Like Traditional Home, Stephanie's look has been evolving. 'Before I was more edgy country,' says the graduate of Harrington School of Interior Design. 'Now I'm definitely becoming more classic modern,' as was evident in the home Stephanie designed, featured in our July 2002 issue."

November 2004 | See more on this issue

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