Client Comments

"We wanted our kids to feel comfortable in every room in the house. They love playing hide-and-seek in the living room, and all the furniture Stephanie selected has held up over the years."

"Every little detail is perfect—I wouldn't change one thing after four years of living in this house."

"To complement our vintage building, Stephanie was able to come up with a new traditional look that juxtaposed comfortable textures with luxurious, unexpected accents."

"Little tweaks she made to the architect's plans—like outlet locations, the size of the powder room, the focal point of a hallway—helped us get exactly what we wanted from the start, instead of having to retrofit after the house was built."

"The previous designer we had worked with was so formal, and I felt uncomfortable letting her know how I really felt. Stephanie was recommended by our architect, and I immediately felt comfortable."

"Our home was a rehab, and Stephanie was able to modify some of our existing pieces while mixing in new furniture and details to really capture our family's personality and lifestyle."

"If I ever have a second home—or a third or a fourth—I will definitely work with Stephanie again.

Working with her was phenomenal, as comfortable as being with an old friend."

"She has an incredible sense of style and color...I love my home."